Professional profile

I am an interdisciplinary agricultural and livestock systems ecologist and agronomist with a focus on adaptation to climate variability and global change through increased resilience in complex human-ecological systems. I am interested in the human dimensions in sustainable productive landscapes and co-management of forests, water resources and other natural areas, and see biodiversity conservation as a means of support for the economy and society.

I strongly believe that sustainable intensification with respect for animal welfare leads to higher yields and production that is more efficient per land unit area. I have consulted and worked across academia, and the public, private, and civil society sector on two continents. This lifetime experience has provided me with a unique outlook and skills for operational ranch, farm, and environmental management, research, policy formulation, teaching, and consulting in sustainable livestock, agricultural, and other natural resource, urban, and industrial systems.

I have been a researcher at the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Florida and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of Miami. I currently hold an Associate Research Professor position at the Center for Appropriate Technology of the School of Science and Technology at the Catholic University of Our Lady of the Assumption. As such, I am a member of the National Commission of Climate Change of Paraguay. I have published extensively in the scientific literature. I was part of a team that co-developed the AgroClimate decision support system.

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