Norman Breuer Consulting

What we do

Norman Breuer Consulting - Ciencia Agroambiental is a consulting firm that conducts science-based work. Our approach includes topics related to sustainable livestock, agriculture and forestry. We also develop projects to manage natural resources and conserve biodiversity. This includes the certification and trading of carbon credits. We seek to improve the resilience of food, forage, fiber and biofuel production systems for adaptation to climate variability and global change.

We consult on:

  • Sustainable, low-carbon beef production
  • Adaptation to climate variability and global change in agricultural, livestock, forestry and natural systems
  • Ecosystem services valuation. Forest carbon certification and carbon marketing solutions
  • Climate risk management
Group of cows
Hay bales on a field and birds flying overhead
  • Human dimensions of sustainable agricultural and livestock production
  • Tropical pastures and forages, silvopasture and agroforestry
  • Sustainable intensification
  • Resilience to extreme climate events
  • Integrated livestock and agricultural production, and farm and ranch analysis as sustainable ecosystems
  • Sustainable landscapes and biological corridors
  • Decision Support System co-development for risk management with multiple stakeholders
  • Research networks and the science-policy interface, and science communication
Group of cows grazing