What we do

Ciencia Agroambiental is a consulting firm owned and managed by Norman E. Breuer, Ph.D. We develop science-based consultancies on a wide range of issues related to sustainable agriculture, livestock, forest, food, fuel, and fiber production. We also work on natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, ecology, and environment.

Some of the topics on which we consult are:

  • Sustainable, low-carbon beef production
  • Adaptation to climate variability and change in agricultural, livestock, and natural systems
  • Climate risk management in food, biomass, fuel, and fiber production
  • Decision Support System co-development for risk management with multiple stakeholders
  • Human dimensions of sustainable agricultural and livestock production
  • Tropical and sub-tropical pastures and forages, agroforestry and silvopasture
  • Integrated livestock and agricultural production
  • Farm and ranch analysis as sustainable ecosystems
  • Resilience to extreme climate events
  • Sustainable intensification
  • Sustainable landscapes and biological corridors
  • Research networks and science-policy interface, national and international policies and actions for sustainable development